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PureBlue.ca is a company dedicated to providing the highest quality drinking water solutions to businesses and institutions. We have been installing water coolers in the GTA since 1986.

The company’s product line includes Bottle-less Water Coolers with an exclusive built-in filtration system that is the most advanced on the market today.

Pure Blue’s service is attractive for businesses that are currently using bottle water for 3 main reasons, cost, convenience and environmental responsibility.

If you are using more than 3 bottles of water a month and have a bottled water cooler our service can save you money.

Convenience is also an important advantage to Pure Blue’s cooler. With neither heavy bottles to change nor the hassle of storage between deliveries, you may find these advantages enough reason to make the switch. No more waiting for water if you run out before your next delivery.

With no route trucks delivering bottles of water, Pure Blue consumes less fossil fuel and therefore generates less green houses gases.

When you choose our service for your organization, we include all maintenance and service in one low monthly fee. Our maintenance schedules are tailored to your requirements.