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PureBlue.ca's focus from its inception has been bottle-less water coolers with the most advanced filtration systems built right into the cooler. These coolers provide great tasting ice cold and piping hot purified water for a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

Pure Blue's filtration process and technology make its product unique and superior to other systems offered in the market today. The filtration in Pure Blue's coolers is a four-stage process with the primary treatment being Ultrafiltration.

Ultrafiltration is one of the most advanced forms of filtration available. It employs a semi-permeable membrane to remove all particulates in water greater than 0.01 microns. As a frame of reference, a human hair is 30 microns in diameter or 3000 times larger than the pores of the ultrafiltration membrane. This microscopic filtration removes virtually all contaminants in water including bacteria, viruses and cysts. It is also effective at removing chlorine by-product such as Tri-halomethaines or THM's, however, unlike a reverse osmosis membrane, it does not remove the dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Pure Blue Offers Floor model coolers, Counter Top coolers as well as a convenient under counter option.

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