Bottle-less Water Coolers

Inspirations True Touchless

True Touchless Hot & Cold Bottle-less Cooler

Sensor activated dispensing.  Two sensor hot water safety feature

Stainless Steel hot and cold reservoirs

Recessed spigots and removeable drip tray  (dishwasher safe)

Available from $39.95 + HST  / month



Standard Hot and Cold Bottle-less Water Cooler

Our most popular cooler.  Perfect for traditional use up to 25 people.

Piping hot and ice cold water available at any time.

Stainless steel hot and cold reservoirs. Compact design.


Available from $29.95 + HST / month

Horizons CT

Compact Hot & Cold Counter Top Bottle-less Cooler

Big on features and small on size, the Horizon CT is designed to fit on your countertop dispensing hot and cold water. 

Large illuminated dispensing area makes filling a variety of containers easy.

Removable dishwasher safe drip tray is easy to clean.

Available from $39.95 + HST per month.

Horizons 3G

Large Capacity Bottle-less Water Cooler

The Horizon 3G features large capacity stainless steel hot and cold tanks to ensure that the correct temperature water is always available.

It is perfect for filling reusable sports bottles with fast flow and a 10.58 litre cold reservoir so that you never run out of ice cold water.

It also has a large dispensing area to handle larger bottles or containers.  Spigots are concealed for a more hygienic filling area.

Available from $42.95 + HST / month.